Welcome To Nob Hill Travel

Rumor has it that Travel Agents no longer exist. We are here to tell you that we do exist!

We are a group of eight veteran travel agents working at Nob Hill Travel in Portland, Oregon. Each of us has been in the business from 20 to 35 years. During this time we have traveled the world, participated in continuing education and practiced our craft, week in and week out. We have significant personal travel experience. It is our wide ranging experience, informed advice, and influence with travel vendors throughout the world that we offer our clients.

We Can Save You Money

Another myth is that it is more expensive to use a travel agent. It is much more common that you will save money by using our services. At the very least you will not pay more and you will save time, and as we all know, time is money! We are able to find savings for our clients through our membership with large agency consortiums that provide savings by purchasing in bulk.

We also find savings through the use of a Global Distribution System (GDS), which is the computer reservation system used by airlines. This is a clear advantage over searching for low international airfares online because we can actually see the airlines’ available routings and seat availability. Once your reservation is booked in our GDS we have “live” access to your reservation, meaning that we are advised of any flight schedule change or cancellation.

When booking only an airline ticket we do charge a service fee. Here are the services that we provide in exchange for this fee: we search for the lowest fare, make your reservation and provide your passenger information and transmit this information–both accurately and securely–to the airline. This information includes your name, date of birth, passport details (for international travel), mileage numbers and emergency contact information.

We manage your seat assignments including confirming premium economy seating and we take responsibility for advising you of any schedule changes that occur after you have purchased your ticket and should the airline require that your ticket be reissued due to schedule change, we reissue your ticket. And of course, should your plans change, we assist you in changing your reservation and reissuing your ticket. Our service saves you time and provides security too!

We Are Watching Out for You

There are a tremendous number of resources for travel information available today; however, nothing can beat the personal travel experience of a good travel agent. Not only have we traveled extensively but we receive valuable, personal traveler feedback on a daily basis from our clients.

Travel Agents act as a single point of reservations and information so that your trip goes smoothly. We assist not only with the booking of reservations but with the myriad details of travel that are so important to a successful trip. We make sure that a welcome amenity is provided to our cruise clients and hotels provide a VIP welcome to our clients and that special requests are made as needed.

We want the hotels, resorts and cruise lines that welcome our clients to know that you are our clients, and are therefore special, not just another online client. We really go to bat for our clients and advocate for our clients before, during, and after their vacation.